I Ate Badly Today

Have you ever said those words to yourself?

I certainly have and what usually follows isn’t pretty.

This particular thought is a nasty one. You know why? Because it comes across as “smart.” It’s like the more you tell yourself you’re wrong, the sooner you can right your wrongs.

Let me ask you… “how’s that working for you?”

If you’re honest with yourself, you will agree, it’s not working. For the majority of my clients, wanting health & fitness does not always get you health and fitness. Neither does scolding yourself for a “bad day.”

It’s time to call this thought out for what it is: “I age badly today” is a self-improvement landmind that denotes negativity, self-doubt, blame and shame and has never improved the body or the mind. 

This post isn’t a confessional, but a call to action. 

Stop trying to lose weight and be fit. Instead, try the opposite. You’ve got nothing to lose except a mindset that’s steering you wrong. It’s exactly what my client did last week with incredible results.

Her new mantra became, I do not want to be healthy and fit. Call this crazy nutrition advice, but not until you here her results.

For months she had fallen off the wagon and was trying very hard to get back to clear eating without success.

So, we turned her original statement around, “I want to be healthy & fit” and discovered something even more true for her:

  • “I don’t want to bee healthy & fit.”
  • “I want my thinking to be healthy & fit.”

THIS was her truth.

She didn’t want to be healthy and fit. For her, being healthy and fit meant not only being thinner, but ‘hard work’ and giving up things she loves. And, since she had wanted it for so long (ten years), it held a quality of being out of reach.

Are you ready to turn your health around?

DON’T try to be healthy. Make your priority healthy and fit thinking. This is a switch that got my client grocery shopping, cooking, buying a slow cooker and not stress eating for the first time in months! All the things she wanted when she was focusing on her body while letting her mind grow disproportionately out of control.

Give it one week. I’d love to hear, in the comments section, what breakthroughs this creates for you.

This one’s a game-changer!

photo credit: Flickr

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