Mojo Mastery Month could be three times the cost and it would still be worth it.


I was treading water for the past few post-partum years having had two children late in life. Since Mojo Mastery, I’m coming back to a complete sense of being healthy and alive. The best part about it is that it is a total lifestyle change that is tasty, fun, and doable.

I was addicted to sugar, chocolate, bread and carbs before working with Marcie. My relationship with alcohol was not totally healthy, either. Now, I have the freedom to choose healthy foods without feeling deprived. I feel so much better and I can think more clearly. Thank you!!!!”

This is a life changer.

-Paulette Erickson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, author, 41

I literally had NO sugar cravings during this cleanse!

I really cannot say enough positive things about my experience doing the Mojo Mastery program with Marcie. I have participated in cleanses before that I found very difficult, with intense sugar cravings, and I was anticipating an equally painful experience this time around – but willing to endure it for my health. Imagine my surprise when I literally had NO sugar cravings during this cleanse! Not only that, my energy stayed both very even-keel while still upbeat all day long everyday (which says a lot when raising young kids) without either sugar or caffeine. A total shock coming from someone who ate sugar everyday, and felt completely skeptical. I’m someone who ate sugar everyday, in any and every form, but mostly chocolate. Even now that the cleanse is over I am enjoying that sugar has lost its hold on me. I can take sugar or leave it.

These are the big changes I experienced:

1. Really great energy levels all-day long

2. Sleeping really well at night – even able to easily go back to sleep if I get woken up, which was difficult before this program at times

3. My skin and hair are glowing

4. I’ve easily lost some weight without counting calories – I’m full on this diet, and not wanting for anything

5. I am not eating refined sugar – by choice! (and I NEVER thought I would get to that point)

I do most of the cooking for my husband and kids and was worried I would have to make two different meals every night, one for me and one for my family.

Well, when you make your family tomato and avocado salad or scrambled eggs made with coconut oil and swiss chard and you husband clears his plate and your 5-year-old tells you, “I think you’re the best cooker in the whole world,” guess that put any concerns I had to rest! My whole family is eating better because I’m inspired to incorporate healthier more nutrient-rich foods into my cooking, and they love it!

The impact of this program has been so profound, I’d be willing to say that it’s worth its weight in gold, or gold-MAN for that matter!

-Kay Furman, Leadership Developer and mother, 35

I thought I was the typical Boulder health nut, now I truly realize what a healthy diet looks and feels like.

Before working with Marcie, I used sugar and caffeine on a daily basis to pick me up -especially after meals that would weigh me down. Well, not any more! I’ve kicked my addictions! My cravings for sugar and carbs are practically nonexistent, even during PMS. I thought it would be difficult to eliminate certain foods from my diet, but it has been very easy and enlightening thanks to Marcie’s vast knowledge of nutrition, her fabulous cooking demonstrations, and the support of the whole class. Instead of riding a roller coaster of highs and lows throughout the day, Mojo Mastery has evened out my energy levels.

I would love to tell you about my experience of Mojo Mastery Month, please send me an email.”

-Heather English, Founder/CEO English Retreads, 40,

I just checked myself out in the mirror and thought, ‘damn, I look really good.’

I’m happier. I’m healthier. I can sleep through the night. Every day my confidence builds. I haven’t felt this way in a long time.

-Chloe Klein, Hair Whisperer at VooDoo Lounge in Boulder, 4 months after completing the program

Marcie’s class helped me focus on myself – and what a difference it has made.

As a nurse practitioner and mom of two toddlers, I was comfortable in the role of caretaker and putting other’s needs first. It just wasn’t working. Since Mojo Mastery Month, I feel amazing. I am a better wife, mom, and practitioner. I am more alert, content, focused, and patient. I am never going back to my caffeine, low quality food fueled days – never!

Marcie taught me how to make each meal count and how to eliminate food from my diet that was holding me back. The approach is gentle and it just feels right. It’s not drastic or unhealthy in anyway. Not only did the detox program affect my diet but I began “detoxifying” my house. I organized and cleaned out closets and storage rooms and finished projects that had been on my “to do” list for years! Mojo Mastery gave me the inspiration, motivation, and strength to finally get things done.

Marcie invites you into her home and into her passion…to live life to the fullest and feel better than you ever imagined.

-Lara Kalush, 36, Nurse Practitioner

This was my second time doing Mojo Mastery Month

I wasn’t sure I would get any new information and I did!! Especially from my new classmates, they gave me great ideas. I was overwhelmingly surprised at how easy it was to eliminate foods from my diet and was even more surprised at how good I felt. I have better digestion, more energy, less low blood sugar and very few cravings for sugar or carb snacks.”

-Michelle Friedrich, Regulatory Affairs, 41

I’m less irritable, I can handle stress more easily and I’m more grounded.

It’s hard to describe but I am living in more of my body, like more cells are being occupied. I feel like whatever happens in my day is “enough.” Oddly, I guess I don’t have FOMO anymore (fear of missing out).
-Tracey Holderman, licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher, 39,

Mojo Mastery Month has been everything Marcie promised and more.

I never expected my boyfriend to be so into Mojo Mastery, I thought I had tricked him into doing it. Sharing this experience together, cooking together, being on the same age about our diet principals and talking about our progress together has been so fun and amazing! I feel like we’re totally equipped to keep going on this healthy lifestyle. It makes so much sense that once we both have more energy, we have more energy to connect more with each other. And now that I feel better about my health, I feel better about my body. Woo!

One of my main goals is to live a sustainably healthy lifestyle but I realize that doesn’t just happen. I’m not going to wake up in one, five, ten, or twenty years going to yoga regularly and loving collar greens. It takes work and knowledge and Marcie has given me the support and tools to kick-start this path and I’m soooooo grateful for that… I’m not on autopilot anymore!

-Brittany Poole,Marketing and Advertising specialist, artist, singer, 26

Marcie is a true gem in a sea of mediocre nutritional advice and torturous dietary restrictions.

She embodies juiciness instead of judgment, encouragement instead of correction and a vibrant passion for all things healthy and edible. I highly recommend Marcie and Mojo Mastery!

-Elena Giulini, somatic therapist and licensed Acupuncturist

Prior to beginning Mojo Mastery I thought my dietary restrictions were going to be just that – restricting!

Marcie’s Mojo Mastery Class got me excited about the foods I can eat and showed me wonderful ways to prepare them that are vibrant and delicious, not boring and stale. Marcie’s enthusiasm and delivery style is captivating and contagious. You’ll be happy to catch what she’s got!

-Carolyn Flyer, M.Ed SMART Education Solutions Specialist, 39

The way Marcie delivers her information and her whole approach to health is soooooo different.

than what I was used to and what’s out there – it’s such a welcome relief! I was reading unreliable sources (on nutrition) and taking it for gospel even though it wasn’t working! In order to work with Marcie, I had to let go of what I thought I knew about nutrition and start from scratch.

-Siri Schubert, lic. massage therapist & personal trainer Functional Fitness, 32

I had the most elegant menstrual cycle. No PMS (No Kali)!

Mojo Mastery Month was about adding the most nutritional food to my life – like steeping and drinking nettles daily, spending more time in the kitchen and cooking more for my family. We all made the month our own depending on where we were at. Just by adding foods, without eliminating, I’ve had profound health transformations. I Highly recommend this program.

-Bari Tessler Linden, M.A., Financial Therapist, Coach & Mommypreneur, Founder of the Conscious Bookkeeping Method™,

I never felt restricted!

Marcie’s email invitation was divine intervention! [Mojo Mastery Month] helped me stay accountable to a diet I’ve always wanted to be on and could never do on my own — and yet I never felt the pressures of success/failure as one often experiences when dieting.

I have so much more energy and not just in the morning but throughout the entire day. I could tell my body was much happier with the changes I was making…I feel SO good now. I’m taking really good care of myself and I’m just so grateful for this program and for Marcie’s knowledge.”

-Amanda Schmitter, adventure traveler, 34

My bowels are normal – that has been such an amazing gift!

By focusing an entire month on my health and taking out so many foods that were causing me problems, my bowels are normal – that has been such an amazing gift! I am way more tuned in now and have a better idea of what’s going on in my body when things act up, I can connect the dots. This is such a relief.

-Kelly Roche, yoga teacher and gluten-free chef, 32

I lost inches around my middle and am fitting into my clothes comfortably.

My poor digestion has improved significantly and I couldn’t be happier!

-Jane R., Business owner, voice over talent, gluten-free chef, 45

My cravings, now, are for a feeling of satisfaction from a good meal.

I no longer eat sugar. I cook more, use my leftovers for lunch, and I eat more vegetables and fruits. I say ‘no’ to foods I am sensitive to and foods with sugar in them all the time and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

-Martin, Co-Owner, Residential Designer & Project Manager Namasté Solar, 34

I’ve gotten a super-awesome grip on my life. I don’t feel shitty, I don’t snack on chips anymore.

I prepare my food the night before, and I have become increasingly more efficient with my time. Now I give myself the necessary and crucial “me time” that I desperately lacked before Mojo Mastery.

Now, I can finally go to the grocery store and actually buy my weekly groceries with a purpose: I know what to buy; I know how to prepare what I’m buying and the best part – I spend less.

I’m also not as tired as I used to be. I have more energy, I feel great and I’m COOKING! I am actually cooking – who knew!? And the best part, I enjoy it. I no longer see it as a burden and I’m making the time to cook good things.

Mojo Mastery, for me, has not been about keeping up with the class; it’s been about absorbing what I can and incorporating healthy habits comfortably into my own life. It has gone way beyond eating.

-Katie Desimone, Creative Marketing Talent at CPB, twenty something

I was pretty scared to do Mojo Mastery Month.

Diet and nutrition have been a huge focus of my life, and I didn’t want to get stuck in any obsessive thinking or restrictions again. But I wasn’t taking good care of myself, and I simply didn’t feel my best. I had to admit: it was taking a toll. I was working 60+ hours/week, scarfing down whatever I could. I was eeking by on coffee, sugar, and carbs, and I kept getting sick.Even though I knew a ton about nutrition, I had no clue how to actually put that into practice in my crazy busy life.

I was drawn to the program because of Marcie’s insistence that it wasn’t about deprivation. There’s something in the way this woman glows that makes me trust she knows a thing or two about self-care!

The first night our group met, I knew I was in for something special. Here was a group of passionate, creative women (and one man!), gathering in Marcie’s kitchen, cooking at a cauldron of herbal infusion. It felt exciting and homey. Nurturing in a deep, grounded way.

Over the course of the month, I learned so much about my body and what she wants. I learned that I do much better without gluten, and that I actually do have energy without sugar. I got turned onto herbal infusions and boosted my brain with the right mix of amino acids. My biggest triumph was getting off caffeine. This one thing made the entire program worthwhile. I didn’t think I could ever do it, but I did! And Marcie and the rest of the group were there to help me through.

Months later, I’m still off the sauce (caffeine, that is!). I may not eat perfectly all the time, but I’m no longer interested in perfection or some Holy Grail of ideal dietary guidelines. That obsession has melted away. Instead, I feel empowered and relaxed around food. Marcie helped me see what an all-or-nothing mentality I have — and that sometimes, what the body needs to heal is a gentler way. This insight has given me permission to take sumptuously good care of myself, even when I thought I didn’t have the time. I walked away with super-practical kitchen tips, inspiration to spare, and wonderful friends.

If you want a crash diet, MMM is not the program for you. But if you’re done with crash diets and want to trust your body again (or for the first time!), I highly recommend this program. You’ll be challenged, definitely. But you’ll also be given great tools, stellar support, and Marcie’s spectacular kindness and inspiration.

-Angela Raines, Freelance Copywriter,, 29

Working with Marcie changed my life. For years, I had struggled to some degree with digestive problems, anxiety, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. I had addressed all of those issues from a psycho-spiritual perspective and with nutrition too, but Marcie taught me that there were more layers to consider. I discovered several food allergies that I had (even though I thought I was a really “clean” eater!) and also that my brain chemistry still suffered from the eating disorders I had in my late teens. Through some simple shifts in diet and amino acid therapy, my moods stabilized. My perspective brightened. My digestion is now rock solid. All of this within our first 30 days of working together. I am most grateful!

-Sara Avant Stover, Teacher and Author of The Way of the Happy Woman,

I started working with Marcie to help control issues with reflux disease and elevated cholesterol. I was hoping to get off the prescribed reflux medication because of complications I was having from the medicine.

Marcie not only successfully helped me get off my prescription; she helped me rethink my approach to food, eating and meal planning. With her help, I was able to fully change my habits and diet in an entirely productive way. I began to see food as a fuel for life, and I began to understand how important putting the right fuel in my body is to establishing efficient body functioning and ultimately healthier living.
Marcie’s approach was always gradual and multi-tiered with an emphasis on obtainable goals and education. As I put my new knowledge to work, my diet and health improved tremendously.

By the end of our therapeutic interval, I had my reflux entirely under control without any medical intervention. I was also able to successfully reverse my diabetic metabolic tendencies, which I learned I had, after we started working together.

I am empowered by the belief that I have the tools I need to successfully continue down this path and I have Marcie to thank for that. I could not be happier with the way I feel, the approach we took, and the outcomes so far. Working with Marcie changed my life in many powerful, productive and long-lasting ways. I am sure I will be applying these learned principles for the rest of my life.

-Dr. Andrew Goldman, M.D., (no relation)

Marcie’s approach to food and eating is very gentle. She encourages trusting the body to lead you to healthy, satisfying foods. She’s also consistently gaining insight and recommends great sources of knowledge (workshops, books, etc.).
In a world that encourages people to go against their inner wisdom, it is a welcome relief to work with Marcie, who encourages listening to the person who knows best: you!
-Kirsten, Public Relations

I came to Marcie with a very specific nutrition goal in mind, after years and years of riding the caffeine roller coaster; I hoped to find a way to have consistent energy without relying on stimulants. Through a series of excellent recommendations, Marcie helped me solve this issue. In fact, I got exactly what I wanted – plus a whole lot more.

In signing up for the fast track program (18 sessions within 6 months) I got a healthy dose of great information about nutrition and well-being. More than that, the program was truly transformative. My concepts of what I eat, how I shop, and how I prepare food (which is a lot more now) are all impacted, on a daily basis, by what I’ve learned from Marcie.

Since working with Marcie, I’ve never felt better. I’ve dropped about 20 pounds and 2 inches from my waist, I feel much more capable and at home in my body! It’s hard to believe I’ve accomplished all of this without any dieting or any sense of being deprived.

Lest I forget, Marcie is a joy to work with. She is passionate about nutrition, she is effervescent, loves to laugh, and possesses a charming humility. As a “graduate,” I will certainly miss working with her! I can’t recommend her highly enough.
– William (Kip) Kuepper, Composer/Musician

I came to Marcie with a history of 10+ years of eating disorders,exercise compulsion, a zillion diets, a zillion more diet pills, and a massive, raging, coffee addiction. I felt like I’d tried everything but obviously it wasn’t working. Someone I respect referred her to me. I was sick of feeling run down, tired, coffee-dependent, and not as healthy as I’d like. When she said with confidence that she could help me, I trusted her. I was willing to try her recommendations even though they were counter-intuitive, like increase my calorie & fat intake and introduce red meat (even though I wanted to lose weight)!

Marcie has been awesome. She has provided me with such effective supplementation and food recommendations. I no longer drink coffee, which is crazy!!! This is phenomenal considering I used to drink an entire French Press in the morning plus more throughout the day. I honestly never thought my bad habits would go away. Besides my coffee addiction I used to depend on frozen yogurt daily. Now, I’ve stopped craving sugar and coffee!

At first, I was wary about all the supplements and food recommendations, but I learned how much damage I had done to my body after so many years of abuse that I needed the nourishment. All of the supplements had the exact effect Marcie told me they would have. They have been instrumental in reducing my cravings and allowing
me to make better choices.

I haven’t lost the weight I want to lose yet (but I haven’t gained any either). I understand, now, that I have to heal my body first and I’m finally on the path of healing and recovery instead of fighting and hurting my body. I feel more emotionally stable and I trust myself with food more than ever before. Thank you Marcie!!! – Casey, graduate student

Marcie Goldman is fabulous. Her understanding of food and nutrition is impressive and she was able to use it to fit my individual needs and guide me extremely well. Even more impressive (and something I’d had no idea would be part of her counseling) was her ability to help me change my THINKING about my food intake, my nutrition and even my mental and emotional health. Her intuition is laser accurate and she constantly helped shine light into some of the shadows of confusion I had about my health as a whole.

It never ceased to amaze me how, when I was in the midst of some change or growth, she would say the PERFECT thing to help that along in a way that made transitions smoother and more thorough. She’s also among the nicest people I know. I always looked forward to our meetings and always walked away from them feeling lifted and ready for the next phase. And if there ever was an example of true health and beauty … she’s it. – John McVey, Engineer/Producer/Musician

I started working with Marcie four months ago to help increase my energy level, decrease food cravings, and help balance my thyroid issues. In that short amount of time I can’t believe how incredible I feel. I wake up in the morning vibrant and ready to go, I crave healthier foods and not that I was trying to loose weight but all my jeans are too big and everyone is commenting on how good and healthy I look.

Before I started working with Marcie I constantly didn’t feel good. I couldn’t put my finger on it but something wasn’t right. The not feeling well played into not having the energy to workout and then I would crave sugars and caffeine to get me through the day.

Now, I have the energy to do yoga three times a weak, I’ve pretty much cut out processed sugars and carbs, but I’m not using willpower – it’s because I don’t crave them anymore!

The information she has taught me on nutrition and cooking will impact my life forever, as well as the newfound confidence I have in my self and in my body.

If you have the chance to do this program you will not regret it. Marcie is very smart and caring, and is here to help you feel the best you can – she certainly did that with me.
-Kayla Frost, Esthetician