Buh Bye Food Restrictions


There’s a big reveal in the middle you’ll want to share with every health conscious person you know. 

 Dear “hungry to feel well,” 

 I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you this. Feathers will be ruffled! But this information is too important not to share. And when I’m wrong, I have to admit I’m wrong.
With years of food elimination programs under my belt, one-on-one nutrition counseling, personal & clinical experience as well as scientific & anecdotal research – I’ve come to a conclusion.
When I got off the phone with Sally, I wanted to celebrate with ice cream! Sally worked with me for 6 months, as I supported her food elimination diet. Recently, she signed up for an Intuitive Reading and two nutrition consultations. Today was her third session, she had this to report:   
  • The SHACKLES are off, ALL options are back!​​​​​​
  • My partner of 24 years said, “I feel like I live with a different person.”
  • People around me are amazed. They’re asking how I’ve done it?!
  • I want to share this process with everyone, it’s FUN!
  • I feel energized, FREE, excited and delighted
If you know me, you know I take my job as a health coach seriously. I’m fiercely protective of my client’s sanity so I’m cautious of word choice, language and advice. Anything I say I aim to a) not confuse you further and b) empower you with CHOICES instead of adding more rules. 
That said, the time has come to boldly draw my sword in the sand and tell you which side of the “line” I stand on. 

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