Work with Marcie

Me Leaning Over in Chair Outside Color 81211You’re hungry for change.

You’re ready to banish the belly bloat, say goodbye to brain fog and low energy, ditch the deprivation diets and embrace healthy living. You’re ready to feel energetic, clear headed and happy.

You’re so ready!

Do you feel like you’ve tried to achieve this on your own, but continue to circle back to the same health challenges?

Do you feel you’ve earned a degree in nutrition from Google University, and yet you are still confused as to what is the optimal way to eat for you?

Are you sick of the empty promises packed as “holistic health” in the form of cleansing, fasting and detoxing?

As a nutritionist I’m frustrated by all the conflicting nutrition information out there too. And sometimes applying information you read online can only make the problem worse.

What I do is look at YOU as the whole, unique individual that you are. The truth is, your biochemistry is unique and your present stress levels, activity levels and circumstances (the total metabolic demand on your body) dictate your nutritional needs. Some of the most common complains I support clients with resolving are…

  • low energy
  • brain fog and neurotransmitter imbalances
  • poor digestion
  • hormone imbalances
  • food allergies
  • cravings
  • metabolic recovery from dieting
  • weight loss

Please take a few moments to tell me about yourself and apply for a FREE nutrition and wellness consultation. I’m excited to be apart of your health and healing journey. After your consultation, we can discuss your options for coaching and various ways I can help you feel better and have the energy to get on with your life – because we both know you’re up to big things and you need to feel your best! Please note, during free consultations I’m not available to critique your current diet or give health and nutrition advice. I only provide nutrition advice after a thorough health history is collected. Thank you for your understanding.