There’s nothing that lights up Marcie Goldman more than getting you in glowy-good-health.





She does that by helping you start fresh.


Marcie had to unlearn the so-called “nutrition
facts” before she got healthy and that’s where she
starts with her clients.


Then she fills you up with fad-free, counter-culture,
results based nutrition recommendations to
get you off the diet-crazy-train and back in control
of your appetite and health.


Her work combines functional medicine strategies
with nourishing-wise-woman traditions; a stellar
combination she’s honed over the last 15 years
in her one-on-one  and group work.


To accelerate your healing process, Marcie created
Mojo Mastery Month, the popular 30-day nourishment makeover.

Learn how to end restrictive diets, eat what you want and live long & healthy. 


This inspiring and supportive group
program sparks rapid recovery and a whole
lot of MOJO.


Marcie’s training includes an Herbal Apprenticeship
with Susan S. Weed and Catherine Hunziker of
WishGarden Herbs. Institute of Integrative Nutrition
in 1999, Julie Ross from Recovery Systems Clinic,
Alliance for Addictions Mental Health Recovery Coach
and Nutrition for Addiction Coach via Christina Veselak.


She shares mojo-making tips abundantly on Facebook,

YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Find her there.



Marcie has a busy practice with clients from around
the globe via phone and video chat.

Free ignite your mojo meal plan